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Tianjin blasts: 'It was like the end of the world'

Updated: September 01, 2017 05:55AM UTC


Date: Sunday, August 13, 2017


Residents of the Chinese port city of Tianjin have described in detail the shocking blasts of Wednesday night and the devastation across their city on microblogging network Weibo and other forums.

The BBC tracks how the story unfolded through their eyes.

The moment of the explosion

Tianjin residents living near the site of the accident were the first to share footage. One user's video showed a fireball rising high above skyscrapers with lit debris raining down on the city.

Many described it as an apocalyptic scene, with user Upright Teenager, saying: "There were three explosions, it was like the end of the world."

Tianjin student I'm A Flying Superhero shared these photos of the blast near her home. "It felt like an earthquake," she said.

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