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US Army snapper captured this harrowing image just milliseconds before she died in botched mortar explosion

Updated: September 01, 2017 05:43AM UTC


Guy Birchall

Date: Tuesday, May 02, 2017


A COMBAT photographer captured the final moment of her life on film, snapping the mortar blast that killed her.

Spc. Hilda Clayton, a visual information specialist was attached to the 4th Armoured Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division on manoeuvres in Afghanistan in July 2013.

A combat photographer captured the final moments of her life on film in Afghanistan while her Afghan counterpart took the picture below

A US photographer and the Afghan she was training both snapped the seconds before their deaths

The 22-year-old was documenting a live-fire training exercise in Qaraghahi to as US troops worked to certify Afghan soldiers on mortar operations.

She was also training up a local combat photographer who was also snapping the scene.

As the pair clicked away behind their cameras a mortar exploded while still inside its launcher.

Clayton and her Afghan counterpart captured the tragic moments just before they lost their own lives.

The three Afghan soldiers participating in the exercise were also killed in the exercise.

It marked the first death of a Army combat documentation in Afghanistan.

Clayton's family approved the release of the photos by the US Army, reports the Army Times.

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