Distribution of cosmetic microcapsules
Distribution of cosmetic microcapsules
December 09 2016
December 09 2016 23:09 UTC
We are looking for distributors in Europe and US of our certified biocompatible ECOCAPS-C and CAPSURETINOL line of products. ECOCAPS-C microcapsules enable high content and protection of essential oils and fragrances in cosmetic formulations. CAPSURETINOL microcapsules allow a loading of 15% of pure retinol. Both ECOCAPS-C and CAPSURETINOL ensure high protection against degradation and surfactant destabilization, while ensuring better formulation and enhanced skin delivery. Can be served as powder or as a stable aqueous dispersion. We are located in between Tarragona and Barcelona, Spain and Boston area, MA, US. If you are interested contact us at pau.rocas@ecopoltech.com or call us at +1 857 207 9128.
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