Researchers in the sciences often have need of patent literature as an information source. In addition, patents can be the sole source of technical information on a particular invention or process.

Sometimes the slightest change to a chemical formulation can lead to tremendous results and the opportunity to patent the new formulation and related aspects such as new uses, methods and more. To ensure your chemical or pharmaceutical invention gets the right protection, you need skilled patent professionals to draft and prosecute your application.

General Information on Patents

Patent rights are exclusionary in nature. A patent is a legal agreement between a country and an inventor giving the inventor the right to exclude others from making, using or selling an invention for a limited time in the country (or countries) where the patent was issued.

In the United States, patents are usually granted for a term of 20 years from filing or 17 years from date of issuance, whichever is longer. The time periods differ in other countries.

IP Protection:

You are investing substantial financial and human capital in creating proprietary IP assets, but if you don't protect them, your assets may be lost, used by a competitor, or fall into the hands of departing employees or partners and be used for their commercial benefit. eChemHub professionals are standing by to provide you counsel, guidance and helping you to register patent.


eChemHub has experience in a wide range of intellectual property matters, both in creating and protecting IP rights through preparing and filing patents, trademarks and industrial designs and in enforcing and defending IP rights through litigation.