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An increasing number of products are being produced using bioprocessing methods. From fuel to food to pharmaceuticals, utilizing biological cells to produce items is more commonplace than most people realize. In most production schemes, cells secrete product into the growth media and must be separated from the media as the first step to obtain purified product for analysis. This task becomes particularly challenging when the volume of material drawn for analysis and the corresponding sample flow rate become very small. This is a Reduction-to-Practice Challenge (RTP) that requires written documentation, experimental proof-of-concept data, and video evidence of operation. In lieu of a full RTP solution the Seeker may make a partial award to a Theoretical solution.

New Methods to Identify Illegal Seafood

Open: until 31 May 2022
Award: $15,000

NavalX Tech Bridge Challenge: Designs for an Ocean Floor...

Open: until 26 May 2022
Award: Up to $90,000 in total

Innovative Solutions for Sustainability in the Events Indu...

Open: until 20 May 2022
Award: $15,000