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RT in the graphs exhibits the similar performance between lntsil & lnertsil.

1. Inertsit. ods3 5u 250 X 4.6mm

2. INTSIL C18 5U 250MM X 4.6MM

Specifications for Su

Carbon Content 18%
Surface Area 300m2/g
Pore Volume 0.7 ml/g

Particle Size Distribution

d50 5.0
d10/d90 1.55max
Pore Volume 0.7 ml/g


Mobile Phase ACN: Water (80:20)
Flom Rate lml/min
Wavelength 254 nm
Probe Phenol Naphtalene & Anthracene

Intsil can also be an alternative to Kromasil C18, Luna C18 (2), Nucleosil C18, Ace C18 etc.



Column C18 SPS 100-5
Column Size 150 x 4.6mn
Mobile Me0H/H20 (80:20)
Flow Rate lml/min
Pressure 6.9 mpa
Sr. Compound Time (min) inten. K1 N N/memter asym.
5 n-Amylbenzene 15.61 145755 9.04 12775 85169 0.85

Also available Hysil range which is equivalent to Hypersil BDS. Shortly introducing columns equivalent to Waters Spherisorb & YMC ODS AQ

e-chemhub manufactures HPLC columns. Our wide range can easily replace most regular brands but is priced 30% lower. HPLC columns are also available in 1.7micron, Chiral phases, etc. Since we are amongst the few who have a manufacturing facility for HPLC columns in India, we assure faster delivery times (in India), especially for custom /odd dimension columns. We provide HPLC columns & related services to over 300+ Pharma companies & institutes, including Lupin, Piramal, Cadila Healthcare, Biocon, IPCA, Wockhardt, Mankind, and Central Drug Testing Laboratory, etc. We have a strong team of experienced Engineers, Scientists & executives who would provide prompt technical support services. The application support lab of our sister concern Ultra Pure Analytics is fully equipped, and the scientist have over 30 years of experience in chromatography & HPLC applications. We also distribute many products related to HPLCs, Chromatography, and analytical labs, including D2 lamps, HPLC accessories & spares, Vials, etc. Intsil is equivalent to inertsil ODS 3v. These columns provide excellent peak shapes in simple eluents @ low pressure. These columns are priced at least 30% lower.

HPLC Column

HPLC Column 2 Intsil is equivalent to inertsil ODS 3v. These columns provide excellent peak

Shapes in simple eluents @ low pressure. These columns are priced atleast 30% lower.

1. Inertl ods3 5u 250 x 4.6mm

2. intsil C18 5u 250 x 4.6mm

HPLC Column Reprocess

Bring Back life to your damaged or deteriorated HPLC Columns. We provide Repair and Reprocessing services that rectify the performance of columns. These processes considerably improve reduced Theoretical plates and asymmetry. We welcome you to have a trial of these services and join our family of satisfied farming, natural medicines & raw herbs. Also, land is outsourced for windmill projects.

Intsil Amino

Intsil Amino is available in micron sizes of 2.6u, 3u, 5u & 10u.

Instil NH2:  
Carbon Content4%
Nitrogen Content1.5%
Pore Size100A
Surface Area340m2/g
Pore Volume0.9ml/g
pH Stability2-7

Ordering information:

MaterialMat Code
Instil NH2 10uL8100
Instil NH2 5uL8050
Instil NH2 3uL8030
Instil NH2 2.6 uL8026

Intsil C18 A31

Intsil C18 A31 is suitable for Aquas application it is equivalent to YMC C18 AQ

Intsil C18 A31 5u 250mm x 4.6mm

Instil C18 A31
Parameter Specification
Carbon Content 12 %
Pore Size 100 A
Surface Area 340 m2/g
Pore Volume 0.9 ml/g
pH Stability 2 – 9.5

Ordering information:

Material Mat Code
Instil C18 A31 10u 18100
Instil C18 A31 5u 18050
Instil C18 A31 3u 18030
Instil C18A31 2.6 u 18026

Xtsil RP18

Xtsil RP 18 is stable is at pH 12 and is suitable replacement for Xterra & Xbridge in application like Azithromycin etc


We supply the following Chiral columns which can replace the similar Diacel chiral columnsIntsil Chiral-OD-i = Daicel ODIntsil Chiral-AD-i = Daicel ADIntsil Chiral-AS-i = Daicel ASIntsil Chiral-OC-i = Daicel OCIntsil Chiral-OG-i = Daicel OGIntsil Chiral-OJ-i = Daicel OJIntsil Chiral-OZ-i = Daicel OZIntsil Chiral-OX-i = Daicel OXIntsil Chiral-AZ-i = Daicel AZIntsil Chiral-AY-i = Daicel AYIntsil Chiral-OB-i = Daicel AB-> Other medias on request

HPLC Columns other brands

We supply various brands of columns including Waters , Kromasil, Hypersil etc.

HPLC accessories

We also supply D2 lamp

We also supply D2 lamp

PEEK Finger Tight Fitting

Column Storage cabinet


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