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Insights to adoption of Continuous Manufacturing

Continuous manufacturing in the pharmaceutical, diagnostic chemical, and specialty chemical industries has evolved drastically in the recent past. It is environment friendly, with a much smaller footprint, cost-effective as well as quality consistent. The labor requirement for continuous manufacturing is much lower than the standard batch processes. Multiple chemical synthesis reactions viz. hydrogenation, chlorination, acetylation, methylation, oxidation and many others are possible in the continuous mode. Through the various continuous systems available, all types of single-phase or multiphase reactions can be successfully carried out in a continuous manner. These systems have a complete set of instrumentation and control systems available to monitor and record data for the reactions to ensure continuous improvement activities can be carried out at the manufacturing scale. Types of continuous reaction systems are as follows:

Chemical Products Company in New Jersey | E-ChemHub

Continuous stirred tank reactors:

These reaction systems are a series of reactors that can handle gas-solid-liquid reactions in any phase combination and handle low to moderately high exothermicity. In addition, these systems can be designed in multiple stages to achieve continuous manufacturing for even higher residence time reactions.

Loop Reactor:

Loop reactors are most efficient for gas-liquid and gas-liquid-solid reactions. Loop reactors ensure much better pressure control and have better mass transfer than other systems.

Pipe/ plug flow reactors:

These reactors are best suited for single-phase or solid-liquid reactions. These systems can handle low to moderate exothermicity. They can be fitted with static mixers to achieve optimum mixing profiles.

Continuous Reactive Distillation:

Reactive distillation works best for equilibrium-controlled reactions and can have multiple sets of columns that ensure continuous reaction and separation.

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