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Why Chemo Dynamics?

Chemo Dynamics is a US based CRO/CMO that has been the driving forces behind most pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies across the globe for more than half a century. Their knowledge and reputation for producing high-class quality products with the best turn-around time are their USP. We focus on ‘Doing Chemistry’ and committed to the success of clients.
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Key areas of expertise

Key areas of expertise

Contract Research Organization (CRO) Services

ChemoDynamics has cost effective and on-timeCRO services. This helps scientists of medicinal chemistry departments of various organizations to focus on core capabilities. Chemo Dynamics takes care of the rest. They can produce milligram to kilogram quantities of reference standards, intermediates, combinatorial building blocks and perform route selection and process search.

Key CRO Services:

Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) Services

After research phase of a project is completed, a company requires larger quantities for toxicology studies and Phase I clinical trials. In some cases, the active pharmaceutical ingredient is a low volume product, perhaps only tens of kilograms per year. Chemo Dynamics has the capability to perform small lots manufacturing under non-cGMP and cGMP requirements. They can prepare chemicals in batches or in a continuous flow reactor apparatus if feasible.

Key CMO services include:

Chemists at Chemo Dynamics are at the cutting edge of new developments in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector. Services are Creative, Innovative, Cost effective and a seamless extension to any organization’s internal team. So why wait? Let us hold your hands and sail through!

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Our team of experienced chemists and chemical engineers can design efficient processes and systems for your products reducing your footprints and ensuring economical production volumes. Additionally, with our engineering team and fabrication partners we can provide complete continuous manufacturing skid mounted/ assembled plants customized to your requirement. Our team has experienced chemists, chemical and mechanical engineers who can cater to all your customized needs. Please contact us for further details.

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